Books by Bernie Sanders

Want to get inside the mind of the revolutionary politician who’s historic 2016 run is still influencing the political field today? Check out the books written by Bernie Sanders himself and get a first person look at the ideas and shifts in ideological thought that has brought us to present day United States of America.

“Our Revolution: A Future to Believe In” was published in August of 2017 and is a reflection on his campaign run with insights on the historic underdog fight that was embroiled in controversy and beat the odds time and time again. Get a behind the scenes peak at the campaign trail and Bernie’s thoughts and experiences on the road.

Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution” asks and answers the question: Now what? Following his historic grassroots campaign, Bernie has ignited political discourse in our country. See where Bernie thinks America goes from here and how you can be a part of the next political revolution happening right now.

In his upcoming book “Where We Go From Here” (Release Date: Nov 25, 2018), Bernie addresses the Trump presidency and what the progressive movement needs to be doing in response. The United States is at a pivotal moment in history where political beliefs are dominating cultural news – Bernie breaks down what, why and how we can turn this country around and start moving in the right direction again.