Who are we?

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The creators of FeelTheBern.org are regular people who individually, and now collectively, are inspired by Bernie Sanders’ campaign for presidency of the United States. We span the socioeconomic and political spectrums, and are located across the country — and globe!

We came together because we wanted to make clear his record on and plans to address the most important issues affecting our communities, nation, and planet. Bernie has an extensive record in public service, so this project turned into a rather monumental group effort that’s mobilized over 125 unpaid volunteers (and counting).

Our researchers, writers, editors, fact-checkers, designers, developers, and organizers have worked hard to create and share this resource. We endeavored to make every issue easy to understand by anyone curious enough to learn more, and to make sure every fact is linked to a legitimate outside source. Learn more about why clear political messaging is so important, and how this informed this site’s creation.

We’ll be updating the website throughout the campaign so that it includes the most accurate information. Please contact us with suggestions for edits and updates, or if you want to join our effort.

While this website is about Bernie Sanders, as he himself often says, this campaign isn’t about him — it’s about you.

In that spirit, here are some words our group shared to describe themselves. You’ll see we’re a diverse group of humans — in political-speak you’d call us a “broad coalition” — and at least a few of these words probably describe you too:

Veteran Grandfather Climate scientist Paraprofessional Student debtor Formerly homeless person CEO Republican Graphic designer Lapsed Catholic Orthodox Rabbi Bad golfer Nurse practitioner Corporate tax attorney Novelist Mother Father High-schooler Expat Teacher Brian Eno fan Agnostic Jew Graduate student Lesbian Australian Small business owner Public defender Latina Unitarian Universalist Builder-contractor Libertarian Special education teacher Retired obstetrician Black Accountant Psychotherapist Farmer’s daughter Registered independent Naturalized citizen School administrator Deaf person Social worker Southerner Playwright Naval officer Struggling musician Policy professional Queer Archaeologist First-time voter Medical resident Oklahoma football fan Digital marketer Wealth manager Deadhead Winemaker Programmer Sportswriter Bagpipe player Mathematician Big dreamer Vietnamese-American Buddhist Middle child Kindergarten educator Fashion designer Non-profit fundraiser Singer Project Manager Writer Eastern Orthodox Jazz musician Athlete Endocrinologist Lawyer Recovering addict Immigrant Civil rights activist Survivor Midwife Sculptor Chef Foster kid Democrat Producer Psych undergrad Theater artist Biracial American Human